Extra income every week?

Sound Option Strategy

Do you want more return on your investments?

No time or knowledge to invest successfully?

Invest without worries and take out a subscription.

You can subscribe to an option system based on stock market results that go back 20 years. The system has been developed and tested in such a way that profits are often made, with a limited chance of loss.

The goal is steady growth, small steps ensure a big result. By using an option construction, the results are independent of normal fluctuations on the stock exchange. With an upward, sideways or downward trend, profits can be made.

This is reflected in the returns of 2019: 30% on an annual basis.

How does it work?

  1. Subscribe
  2. You will receive a weekly email, based on the information from the system. In this email you will be informed which option position can be taken. Taking a position is easy and only takes a couple of minutes per week.

Are you also participating? That’s already possible with an investment of 3000 euros (Average margin. Margin requirements depends on your bank or broker).


  • Rik van Rijn
    "Since I've been investing my money every week, I've been relieved of a lot of headaches. What position will I take again this week? No, I'll wait for the email, take the position and I’m done. I'll be ready in 1 minute. And I have nothing to complain about!"
    Rik van Rijn
  • Rob Jansen
    "My investment results used to leave a lot to be desired. Now that I know FollowWeekly.com, that has improved significantly. And that while I don't care much about it. The method is simple and effective. Keep it up!"
    Rob Jansen
  • Niels de Hulster
    "I've been using FollowWeekly.com for six months now and I've learned to rely on Bram's expertise. As a result, the risk management and return of my investment portfolio has drastically improved. A major additional advantage is that I no longer have to keep an eye on the stock markets myself, which gives me a lot of freedom".
    Niels de Hulster

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