About me

In the year 1987 I became interested in the financial world. The stock market crash made a big impression on me as a teenager. Since then I want to know everything about the underlying mechanisms. I completed a master’s degree in accountancy and have always worked in financial management positions. I read everything there is to know about money, economics, options, shares, stock markets. In recent years I have focused 100% on understanding the possibilities on the stock market. Following other people’s strategies, evaluating them and coming up with my own ideas. What works and what doesn’t? How can you safely achieve a good return? There are a lot of hours in it; gathering knowledge and actually testing and trying it out. I realise that not everyone has the time and the desire to do this. By using my information on a weekly basis, you don’t have to study it yourself and you can still invest responsibly in addition to your other activities. Let your money grow, just like I do, so that you earn money with your investments every week. And that can increase a lot, especially with returns of more than 20%! Of course, investing always involves risks. I built my system with little risk as a starting point. That’s why the possible risks are very limited. I am happy with the end result, a responsible and transparent financial product and I am happy to share this information with you!

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