Trading System

The system is based on the in-house developed model that is used to take weekly option positions on the Eurostoxx50. This is a stock index for the 50 biggest European stocks. Risk management is built in as a starting point. Many weeks close with a profit, any loss is quickly recovered.

You will receive an e-mail every Friday for 26 weeks between 12.00 and 14.00 CET with the option position calculated by the system. You can then use this information to take up the same position on your own trading account.

With this system there is no stoploss in advance, but you will receive a mail or SMS when the position needs to be closed. This prevents the position from being closed too quickly with a loss. The model is such that this will not happen very often as most positions end with a profit.

For this system we assume an annual return of 25%.

For this system you need 3.000 euro per option combination*.

*Margin requirements differ per bank or broker and can be higher or lower than 3.000 euro.

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